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Finding a cheaper policy - and paying for it monthly!

The good news; paying monthly for car insurance will not be a problem for the majority of UK motorists. This could allow many motorists to afford better cover or even afford insurance at all. The bad news is that it may cost a little more than making a single upfront payment but even this extra may be reduced or even eliminated very simply.

The secret is to get an insurance price comparison from a website which shows monthly repayment options. Car insurance is a very competitive market and although most insurers will charge additional fees for those who wish to pay month by month there are occasional special offers available. Insurance companies recognise that most people simply cannot afford to pay out large sums at once, particularly if they are young drivers or have had accident or convictions to push up their premiums, so from time to time some of them offer lower, or even no, extra charges for monthly repayments. Even when this is not the case many motorists can save substantial sums on their car insurance by comparing prices in this way which could mean that you would have the convenience of easy payments and finish up paying less for your insurance cover anyway!

Whilst it is a fact that most price comparison websites are owned, or at least partially controlled by big insurance companies who have a built-in incentive not to push their competitors'policies too hard there are a number of independent companies which will let you compare a large number of offers not only from the bigger and more heavily advertised companies (and guess who pays for those advertisements!) But also a number of lesser known insurers and brokers who, without paying out high marketing costs can sometimes offer substantial savings for very similar cover.

Please bear in mind that if you do enter into an agreement to pay for your car insurance monthly, it is extremely important that you complete all the payments as agreed. Most insurers charge quite heavy penalties for the minority of motorists who simply stop making payments after a few months and failure to repay these penalties can make it very difficult for these drivers, many of whom already have financial problems, to get insurance in the future without having to pay in advance.

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